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Affordable PC's - New Zealand

Affordable PC's - New Zealand

Bookmarklets are free tools that extend the capabilities of Netscape and Internet Explorer.
On this site I mainly support Internet Explorer although some of these bookmarklets will work with both.
If you would like to see the Netscape versions of them, would be the place too look.

Bookmarklets allow you to modify the way you see and use other people's websites as well as adding cool features to your own website.
You can do almost anything with just a small amount of code.

More (over 150) bookmarklets are available from which is where the idea for this section of my site came from.

There is no need to download or install software to use bookmarklets because they use javascripting which is a standard part of most popular web browsers!


Not all of the examples will work from these pages, you may have to add them to your favorites.


Page Data

Freshness test, Links on Page, Page with Selected Text, tools to extract data from a webpage. 

Page Look

Page Color, Auto-Scrolls, Zoom on Image, tools to change the appearance of a webpage.


Back All Frames, Go To Random, Find Simultaneously, tools that affect navigation between pages.


Resize, Center, Setup, tools that resize or reposition windows.


Date, Tile, Toys - Tools that didn't fit into the other categories.

Search tools

Search more quickly, more easily, and in new ways with these Search Bookmarklets. Home of the user-defined hyperlink. You can make your own!


Thanks To For These Free Tools



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