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List All E-Mail Links On This Page

Many pages have a link which lets you mail the webpage author, but the link might be called something like "feedback" or "write me" and buried among the other links on the page, so it can be hard to find. This lists all the email addresses you could have reached by clicking on all the links on the page.

List All Links On This Page

Creates a new page with just the links (the URLs) that appear in whichever page you are viewing. You can save the newly created page by choosing "Save As..." from the File menu.
Note: This page is unusual because it has mainly JavaScript URLs - if you test this here the result will look unusual (some won't display correctly)! To test this bookmarklet, try a more typical test page.

Make New Page With Selected Text

After keeping this, select text on a webpage by dragging across it and then choose the bookmarklet. The result is a new webpage which just contains the selected text (no HTML formatting). You can then save this data by choosing "Save As..." from the File menu.

Send Selected Text

Keep this bookmarklet, then select some text on a webpage. If you are using Outlook Express for email then when you trigger the bookmarklet the selected text will be fed into the message body of a new mail window, so you can quickly send the selected text to someone (without sending the whole page.) To test it, send a message to yourself.

Display All Images

Displays all the images on the page in a centered column.

Number Of Words In Selection

After keeping this bookmarklet, select some text on a webpage. This counts the number of words in the selected text.

List Words In Selected Text

After keeping this, select some text on a webpage by dragging across it. Then select the bookmarklet to get a list of all the words in your selection, grouped alphabetically, in the order they appear on the page (with repetitions). This can be used, for instance, to scan for inconsistent spellings.


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