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Go To A Random Link

Takes you to a random link on whichever webpage you are viewing. Note: This webpage is unusual because almost all the links are bookmarklets! If you test this here you will probably trigger some other bookmarklet, which could be confusing. So I've set up a more typical test page.

Up A Directory

Sometimes a link will lead you to a "Not Found" - the page is gone - but the page isn't really gone, the site owner has just moved it to a different place. This bookmarklet gives you a fast way to search for the page by shortening the URL, so you see progressively shallower parts of the site. For example, repeated use of this bookmarklet would take you to the following URLs:
You may find a reference to the page at a shallower level.

Add Domain To Favorites

Sometimes you don't know that you want to bookmark a site until you've already gone several pages into it, but you would still rather bookmark the main entrance. This bookmarklet allows you to add the current domain to your favorites (instead of the current page). For example, if you use it now then you'll add the main page to your favorites instead of this page.

Highlight All Occurencess Of A Word

Displays all ocurrences of a word on a page by highlighting each one with a yellow background, also alerting the number of occurrences. For example, try it on this page with the word "this". After keeping the bookmarklet you can also select any word on the page by dragging across it - when the bookmarklet is triggered all occurrences of that word will be highlighted.

Go To Previos Page In Website

Takes you back to the previous page within the current website (or rather, domain), skipping over any history from other websites. This becomes useful when you are multi-window surfing and want to drag links from different websites into the same window (the browser Back button will only take you to the previous page, which may have come from a different website.)

Open Links to New Windows
Open Links to One Special Window
Open Links to Full Window
Open Links In The Same Window

These allow you open all the links on a page in a new window without having to repeatedly select this option from your (right-click) menu; an aid for multi-window surfing. Specifically, they control the targeting of the links by sending them to:
  New: each link opens in a different new window.
  Special: every link opens in the same (special) new window.
  Top: used in frames to force the links to open in the full browser window.
  Self: restores the default behavior (links open in the full browser window, or in the same frame.)
On framed pages, these do not change targeting between frames (for example, if an indexing page in a left frame opens links in a right frame then it will continue to do so.) In order to avoid changing the targeting of this page (which could interfere with your ability to test other bookmarklets) these must be tested on the test page.
Note: In frames, all pages must be in the same domain as the containing frame for these to work.

Show robots.txt For This Domain

Takes you to the robots.txt file for whichever site you are visiting. The robots.txt file is used to indicate parts of a site that should not be crawled by search engines. It may or may not show you a "hidden" part of the site, or other interesting information. Not all sites have robots.txt files.
Note: If the site does not have a robots.txt file then you will get a "File not Found" message.


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