Affordable PC's - New Zealand

Affordable PC's - New Zealand
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Affordable PC's - New Zealand


Date and Time

Gives the date and time according to the settings of your machine.

Days Left This Year

Gives the number of days remaining in the current year.

Read Cookie for Site

Cookies are small pieces of information stored in a "cookie file" on your machine. A site can set a cookie in order to recover persistent relations that may build up with a visitor over time (such as your preferences about the site). Select this bookmarklet while visiting a site to read any cookie that the site may have set (usually this isn't very meaningful, but what the heck).
I have not set a cookie, but for purposes of testing I will set one if you click: set a cookie (the cookie will expire after your session.) For real-world examples, go to the bigger sites.

AutoFill Anonymous

This fills every text box in every form on the page with the word "anonymous". It also tries to fill in email boxes with "" ( has been reserved as a nonexistent domain) - but sometimes it will fail to detect an email box. This page doesn't have a form, so we have set up a test page.

Make Mailto Bookmarklet

This is a "meta-bookmarklet", it's a bookmarklet that makes other bookmarklets! The idea behind this one is that you may have many email addresses in your address book, but send most of your messages to only a few people. You can make it easier to write mail to them by putting a specially-tailored bookmarklet for each person in your bookmarks menu (or in your personal toolbar). This meta-bookmarklet creates these "Mail to..." bookmarklets. To use it, select it and give it an email address and name. It will create a "Mail to..." link which you can drag into your bookmarks. Select this newly created bookmark any time you want to write to that person. You can also, of course, keep the meta-bookmarklet (for repeated or offline use).

Executive Dice Roller

Tell it how many options you have and it will decide which option is best for you. (It is totaly random).


More Miscellaneous Bookmarklets


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